Water & Waste Water

2Water & Waste Water Management

New age piping system in plumbing and Sanitation. Engaged in producing high quality pipes with advanced production technology and utilizing the most stringent production standards. KALISTER has always endeavored to provide the best comprehensive solutions to Water and Sewage transportation. Offers Pressure and non Pressure pipes for surface and underground applications. PPR Pipes and fittings for Hot and Cold Water applications.

  • UPVC Pressure   Pipes & Fittings

    PVC pressure pipes are manufactured from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride polymer (a thermoplastic material) using the extrusion process. PVC (also known as uPVC and PVC-U) pipes were introduced into the construction sector in early 1960's and are now widely accepted for use in water supply, irrigation and sewerage rising mains.

    Their high strength to weight ratio together with exceptional resistance to corrosion or chemical attack makes these pipes ideal for major infrastructure applications.

    Avail from us a comprehensive array of UPVC Pressure Pipes that is widely used in Potable Water installation and drainage system. Offering economical and longer life, our UPVC Pressure Plumbing Pipes are easier and cheaper to install. Besides, these fire resistant UPVC Pressure Water Pipes have better flow and high elasticity properties. Moreover, the smooth surface and finish of the pipes ensure that greater volume of fluid can easily pass through a given diameter.

    KALISTER UPVC pipes are used for the following Applications

    • UPVC Pressure Pipes for potable water distribution.
    • UPVC Pressure Pipes for irrigation.
    • UPVC Pipes for drainage and sewerage systems.
    • UPVC well casing and screens.
    • UPVC Dewatering pipe.
    • UPVC Conduit and duct pipes for electrical systems.
    • UPVC Ducting for telecommunication systems.
  • UPVC Drainage   Pipes & Fittings

    KALISTER UPVC pipes and fittings are manufactured as per the following standards.

    • Above Ground : BS EN 1329-1 : 2000
    • This standard supercedes BS 4514 : 1993 and BS 5255 : 1989
    • Below Ground : BS EN 1401-1 : 1998
    • This standard supercedes BS 4660 : 1989 and BS 5481

    Advantages of KALISTER UPVC Drainage Systems

    Light Weight : Hence transport and handling is simple and convenient.
    Chemical Resistance : Excellent chemical resistance of UPVC to acids, alkalies and oxidizing and reducing agents makes it suitable for all applications.
    High Flow Rate : The smooth internal bore gives excellent flow properties which remain constant throughout the life of the system.
    Non-inflammable : UPVC does not support combustion and is self-extinguishing.
    Non-Conductive : UPVC is a non-conductor and hence not attacked by galvanic or electrolytic action.
    Weather Resistance : Specially blended UV stabilized compound offers an excellent outdoor weathering performance. High durability.
    Easy Installation : Tough, impact-resistant and easy to install.
    Corrosion Resistance : UPVC is non-corrosive and hence constant contact with water does not deteriorate the material.
    Aesthetic Superiority : UPVC is aesthetically far superior to conventional systems.
  • PPR Pipes &  Fittings

    PPR Pipes and fittings (polypropylene random copolymer).In which optimum quality of the materials being used. KALISTER MEGATHERM PPR pipes & fittings are widely used in the plumbing and water supply systems. PPR pipes and fittings are ideal in areas where acidic water causes quick erosion. PPR is also suitable for hot and cold water as well as radiator connection


    • Excellent heat and pressure resistance
    • Hygienically safe
    • Impact strength
    • Long-term heat resistance
    • High corrosion resistance
  • UPVC SWR Pipes &  Fittings

    UPVC SWR Pipes & Fittings

    The pipes are supplied as follows:

    • 1 1/4" (36mm), 1 1/2" (43mm) & 2" (56mm) pipes are supplied with plain ends.
    • 3" (82mm), 4" (110mm), 6" (160mm) & 8" (200mm) pipes are supplied with solvent cement socket or rubber ring socket.

    Push Fit Fittings

    In the Push Fit Joints, the plain end of the pipes or spigot of the fittings can be joined to the push fit fittings using a suitable lubricant. The Push Fit Joints have a unique sealing system using a retaining ring which includes a rubber ring made of EPDM rubber which offers reliable leak proof joints.This rubber ring takes care of thermal expansion and contraction in the drainage systems.

    Solvent Joints

    These fittings are for solvent cement jointing. The plain end of the pipes or spigot end of the fittings can be easily joined with socket end of the fittings by applying a suitable solvent cement coat. The strong solvent welded bonds ensure an excellent chemical bonding, to withstand the pressure in the system.

  • PE Pipes &  Fittings

    PE Pipes & Fittings

    PE pipes are used for all types of liquids and gases.


    • Irrigation supply
    • Domestic water supply house service connections
    • Vacuum and gravity sewer systems
    • Sewer rising mains
    • Trenchless pipelines installed by directional drilling, slip lining and pipe bursting methods
    • Process pipe work
    • Compressed air services
    • Electric and telecommunication cable conduits
    • Natural gas transmission and reticulation

    We produce pipes from PE 80B, PE 80C and PE100 materials. PE80B material has 50-year design strength of 8 MPa whilst PE100 material's minimum required strength is 10 MPa. Kalister PE pipes are manufactured to AS/NZS 4130 from polyethylene's complying with AS/NZS 4131.