About Us

A broad spectrum of manufacturing and construction activities encompassing a wide range of fields from Cable Management system to solar systems and procurement to construction services, we are driving a new wave of sustainable growth as we develop and acquire the technologies that will power tomorrow's high-tech growth industries.

KALISTER is a global provider of innovative, cost effective products and services through their operating facilities across the globe. Our products are used in a variety of facilities for the commercial, industrial, utility and OEM markets. In addition, KALISTER offers supply, procurement and construction services to commercial and industrial construction sectors.

KALISTER began as a Cable Management System Manufacturer in the Middle East, and arose producing value added products to cater to the entire need of the industry. Today Kalister Water and Waste Water Piping solutions are recognized as a market leader in the MENA Region.

In the last few years, KALISTER has entered the solar market by Integrating various specialized solutions that reduce the overall cost per watt for solar PV applications, including first-class rooftop PV mounting systems.

Kalister - About Us

Our Vision

Through innovative Products and Services, we aim to bring about sustainable improvements to quality of life standards.
KALISTER will be a premium industrial establishment, which generates value across economic cycles as a preferred partner of its customers regarding solutions for

  • Cable Management Systems
  • Water and Waste Water Piping
  • Solar Power Solutions
  • Life Style Products

Our Mission

We work with you to overcome business challenges and implement real-world solutions that create a competitive business advantage. We continuously further develop our products and services and set new standards in our capacity and emerge as a market leader.
For our customers we are the supplier of choice due to a complete, competitive, innovative and sustainable portfolio for our products in Cable Management, Power Systems and Piping solutions.

A balanced Business

KALISTER's strategic balance and broad geographic and product footprint provide stability of performance through the cycle and provide multiple platforms for growth across Europe, Middle East, India and emerging markets.
Our proven reputation for quality and technology leadership coupled withstate of the art products across the world enables KALISTER to deliver comprehensive solutions that unify the physical infrastructure to help our customers achieve operational and financial goals.
KALISTER seeks to reduce the effects of varying demand patterns across building and construction end-use sectors by maintaining a balanced portfolio of products and services to a broad customer base across the globe.
Today, customers look to KALISTER as a trusted partner who works with them to address their most critical business challenges within their Enterprise, and Industrial environments.