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    KALISTER CENTRO Home Automation can control lighting, home appliances, curtains, heating, air-conditioning, home entertainment- in fact almost anything in the home.

    KALISTER CENTRO is able to transmit infrared signals to any IR-enabled appliance like air-conditioning, TVs, sound systems, and projectors. KALISTER has interfaces to popular lighting systems like C-Bus, EIB/KNX, Dynalite, Velbus,  Lutron and Rako as well as the Z-Wave wireless Home automation standard, offering users the maximum flexibility to use the most suitable combination of subsystems to suit their budget and taste.

    KALISTER CENTRO is X10-compatible, i.e. it is able to talk and listen to x10-compatible lights, switches and appliances on the mains power line.

    A comprehensive Voice Menu (available in several languages) allows Comfort to be controlled from any remote or home telephone. The real time status of the lights and appliances is announced so you can check before switching anything on or off.

    A universal handheld remote control or the low cost RC01 can operate the whole house including the security system, even acting as a handheld keypad to arm and disarm the system.

    Programmable Scene Switches in several styles (UK form factor) and colours with 4 scene buttons and indicators can be programmed for any function.

    Local and remote control by PC is possible. With KALISTER CENTRO, home security and home automation is integrated together, making the home seem intelligent. For example, movement in the garden can cause an exterior light to be turned on and a warning message to be played on the outdoor speaker, and in Vacation Mode, the lights, TV and radio turn on at different but similar times each day.

    There are free apps for iPad, iPhone, Android Tablets and Android Phones to allow you to use your smart phone/tablet to access your Home system.

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  • LED     Light Fittings

    38W LED Flat Panel

    • High Performance 38W LED recessed flat panel
    • 2600 lumens light output and a 50,000 hours average life expectancy
    • 69LmW
    • Distributes light evenly on walls and ceilings assisting with LG7
    • deal for retrofit applications into existing 600 x 600mm ceiling grids Emergency option available on request, please contact our sales team
    LED Light Fittings

    This clean looking, slim profile LED light panel is fast and simple to install and replaces the standard 4 x 18w T8 lay in model to provide an energy efficient and low maintenance solution where constant replacement of fluorescent tubes and cleaning of the fitting can be avoided. Installed where energy savings and low maintenance costs are paramount, this LED light panel will enable you to achieve a low carbon footprint

    Many features and benefits

    Slim profile; low glare diffuser eliminating eye strain; clean stylish lines with aluminium trim - looks good in any installation; fast and simple installation. Low running costs (up to 50% reduction) and an average lamp life of 50,000 hours (almost 6 years continuous usage). Suitable for PIR switching this LED light panel emits very little heat and zero ultra violet. IP20 rated, this LED light panel is suitable for almost all inside lighting applications. Fitting into standard grid size ceilings and coming complete with male and female connected driver means an easy installation of this cutting edge LED light panel.

  • LED Lamps    & Tubes

    LED T8 Tubes

    There are convincing arguments for switching to LED T8 tubes. Created as a modern replacement for incandescent or fluorescent tubes, LED T8s offer true economy: LED tubes tend to use around half the energy of a fluorescent equivalent and boast phenomenal lifespans of up to 50,000 hours - sometimes more!

    LED Light Fittings
  • Bath      & Ventilation Fans

    Having proper ventilation throughout the home is now imperative in order to provide a safe and comfortable living environment. KALISTER ventilation fans provide the best solutions to ensure that contaminants are constantly removed from the indoors.

    High quality KALISTER ventilation fans offer a variety of performance levels, functionalities and styles to suit each need in any area of your home. With air movement, sound levels and energy efficiency, you can trust that KALISTER fans will serve at every level.

    KALISTER fans function as both traditional bath fan for removing humidity and odors on the spot and as continuously running fan to constantly remove contaminants trapped throughout the home. Problems such as humidity, odors, dust, pet dander, and various chemicals will be eliminated.

     Bath and Ventilation Fans